Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mama's Goin Crazy and she needs to RUN

Today was awesome. Of corse Dutch had moments of two year old crazy but they didn't phase me, really. Not even when I was trying to load groceries in the car and he let go of my hand and started running around the car, cracking up that I could not catch him. I was not happy about this, but I didn't let it "get" me. There was a lady sitting in her car and I think she was thinking I was the worst mom ever because my son was probably going to get hit by a car (he didn't) because I could not catch him. I was cool as a cucumber through it all. I was not so cool come 5:00pm. I just needed some me time and I was to the end of my mom rope for the time being. I needed some disconnect, some space, some freedom, even just a few minutes. The funny thing is, I make it so hard on myself. I told Chad I was going to go for a run and all I had to do was go.
Dutch was chasing me, saying MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY, he can sense when I am leaving his side and he no likey. He was whining for me to pick him up and grabbing onto my legs. All I had to do was leave. I keep doing things like getting his dinner ready, trying to find him a movie so he will be distracted. All the while, Chad is like-babe, just go. (p.s. Chad was sitting on the couch with his feet up, drinking a beer, no stress in sight. How do men do that so well??)
um...just go?! just go?! I can't go if my baby is not happy! I spend my days and nights making sure this BEING is taken car of. Is happy. Is cherished like the LOVE CHILD that he is. I cant NOT leave when he is not happy. While this whole thing (that I am creating) is going on I can feel myself boiling inside. While I am not listening to my body or my spirit and just heading out the door for some much earned alone time, I am creating the weirdest guilt. My theme this week has been that mom guilt doesn't have to exist because moms, like myself, make it up. Tonight it was there and I was observing it first hand. Once Chad got Spiderman going, Dutch was distracted so I left.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........thank you.
As soon as I was out the door I could feel myself coming back into balance. I have not ran for a long time but damn it felt good. I made the perfect playlist and I was instantly in my groove. I forgot to mention, I didn't even bring my BFF, Vader. I never run without Vader but tonight, I just needed to be by myself. No dog to distract me from my pace and my path, my focus. No kid in a stroller to entertain. This is another example of how fitness can completely help balance a mom's chakra's. I could feel myself releasing any stress from the day step by step. I ended up running way further than I planned and was home 45 minutes later feeling ready to be mom again. I walked in the door and Dutch was so excited to see me. I would not let myself feel bad for getting frustrated earlier. It happened, oh well.
Sometimes its just rooting yourself on to find the happy thoughts. To tell yourself you are doing an awesome job and its okay to get away.
I needed that tonight, big time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Organic Inspiration and a WE BE JAMMIN workout

I was blown away by the awesomeness of flycycle today. The music was da bomb, the energy was so focused and the love was alive, baby! I had each student write some inspiration for the group on a piece of paper and I read them (actually more like shouted them) during class. I had no idea how amazing it would feel to watch them inspire each other. I always know its a strong room when I get goose bumps during class. That is my spirit saying-HEY O!!!! I got goose bumps today and it was because the room was encouraging, fun, focused and fierce. I like to think being there for each other, even anonymously, allowed them to be in it together. I loved every single card that I read today. It got me all excited to do a killer workout after I was done teaching. I know alot of moms out there have some sort of cardio equipment at home so you can sub any cardio for the bike portion below.

I rode the bike at a challenging pace for one song. I played with the tension, speed and stayed in that really tough zone 3.
After the bike:
25 squat thrusts (I used a ugi ball but you can either use nothing or a dumbbell)
25 push ups
25 bent over rows with dumbbells
25 squats with dumbbells
25 lunges holding the dumbbells, switching legs
25 crunches holding the dumbbell

I did this whole thing 5 times keeping the bike portion one song.
I did the floor exercises in a pyramid going from 25 the first round to 20 reps for each the second, 15, 10 and 5. The last set was my fave. :)

As long as you go hard in the cardio and really focus on form throughout the moves, this can be really challenging. I am thinking about bringing it to an Organized Chaos class at Fly because it was a great set of work.
I hope it makes sense.
bike to floor working in a pyramid, 5 rounds and BAM! DONE! If anyone has any questions, let me know!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flycycle Classic, an inside look

I took Amanda's Flycycle Classic class today at 9:30am and it was freakin awesome. I was so excited to go because I usually let Chad sleep in which means I am at home with baby D. I really needed to get out and I wanted to see Amanda so I made it happen. Man, am I glad I did. Spinning is one of my favorite workouts in the world. For one it really is intense cardio while still being nicer to the body than most cardio activities like running or plyometrics. It is nice to your joints and yet totally kicks your ass, if that is what you want, of corse.
There were quite a few times during class that I genuinely felt nauseous. Not anywhere near throwing up but more like a fire in the belly. When I feel that pit in my tummy I am pretty close to my max and I know I have to really dig through it. That is my indicator that I am training like an athlete and that I am truly pushing myself. I would call that the tippy top of zone 3 or as we say the uncomfortable, working gear. The awesome thing about cycling is you are in charge of what that feels like for you. You control the tension on the bike and how hard you are riding. I noticed that my mind was very clear during class but thoughts would definately creep in. If it was not a thought about what I was doing in that room I immediatly let it go. The exception to this is when I get ideas on goals or inspiration for my own teaching style. Yoga and the spin bike are the two places I really get into my spirit. Not kidding. I know that sounds so cheezy but it just means the me when I am not feeling anything negative. I had moments of doubt but I shut them down as fast as I could. I am talking seconds. As soon as we finished a really hard set I would instantly think-"okay I cant go on, she is killing me" but then we would recover and my body was ready for more. It was something I was guiding myself through and I really had to feel the zones. Amanda teaches like a drill sergent only she has a smile on her face the entire time and you can tell she wants to see you succeed. I liked that I was being pushed and yet I was always in control of what was happening. There were times she said to add a quarter and I didnt because I knew if I did, I really couldnt do what she was asking me to do. You really need to decide what is right for the moment and for your body. Amanda brought up something that blew my mind in class which was how we leak energy during a ride. I never realized that if my body is tense it is taking away from my power. I often scrunch my face and probably look like a crazy person when I am in a sprint. Today I tried a different tactic just used my yoga breathing. It felt so much better! I was breathing almost in my throat and you could definately hear it. I usually talk about the connection between yoga and the bike and today was no exception. I had a drishde (yoga for stare at something that isnt moving and use it to focus) during the tough pieces of work and was just staring deep into the shadow of Amanda's bike. It really is a way to help yourself focus while letting the work take over.
There are a few things that can make or break a spinning or cycling class. Those being-- MUSIC, the TEACHER, quality of BIKES. I am bias of corse but I am lucky enough to teach in a place that has all three things going on. We all teach differently but everyone came from the same training. We all have different tastes in music but it works. The bikes are the bomb. I have seen so many crappy bikes and I dont think I could ride another bike. I have had many people tell me they are too afraid to try spinning for many reasons. I would love for any mom out there who has wondered about spinning to give it a shot. Why not get out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you? I truly believe on the other side of fear there is love, always. There I go being cheezy again but I guess that is just who I am. How will you ever know what you are capable of if you dont conquer a little fear along the way?
Do it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Shmo-workout completed

There was a strong moment right after I put Dutch down for his nap when I thought I might just sit down on the couch and watch Nip Tuck (pervy show, I know) and maybe eat some kale chips. I did not listen and popped in my yoga video asap.
I didn't even bring the baby monitor into my workout area with me. I knew Dutch was fine and he naps anywhere from 1 hr-3hrs. I wanted to really enjoy my 90 mins. and figured I could hear him if he was crying and if he woke up early, he could entertain himself. Mama needed her yoga. It was not an aggressive workout but it felt AWESOME! It was a great yoga sequence and I was sweating a bit but I felt really good the entire time. There was some burnage in the thighs but it still felt good. Yesterday's workout was intense and tomorrow's will be too (spin) so today was the perfect day for me to focus on breathing, movement and toning.
Bonus to at home workouts? You can exercise in your undies. Why create laundry? I am not kidding. Shorts are good for any photo ops, though.
Dutch was a stage 5 clinger from the time he woke up from his nap until right now. He was very high maintenance tonight and part of me thinks the yoga I did earlier probably helped me find some zen for this evening. It's not like he was tough but when he is yelling "mom" all day and wanting to be held, it can get a little like-AHHHHHHH CHILD!!!! (but I love you)
I would love to hear from anyone out there about anything fitness or mom related. Is anyone working out with me??? I loved that one of my sorority sisters reached out and asked for some exercises she can do quickly while the kids are watching tv. Hey-get it in where you can, girlfriend! I love it!

Party on mamsitas! Till the next sweat sesh......

Snow Shmo

The snow has put a stop to the normalcy in my day (for the last few days) and it has definitely forced me to live more in the moment. I had a few days of working out inside, which was nice, but I finally got into the studio last night. It felt AWESOME! Yes, I was teaching, but I was connecting, hanging with friends, sweating and moving. I was in Heaven. Before staying home with Dutch, I was in there everyday. I could take a class whenever I wanted and I didn't realize how nice that was. At the same time, I would much rather be with Dutch as much as I am and have to make my workouts a second priority. We are having so much fun together and I realize its so good for me to be forced to relax and enjoy the day with Dutch. We have already gone to the hippy bookstore in Redmond and enjoyed a coffee break together. Hit up Trader Joes and Dutch pushed the cart for me. We are now watching Astro Boy together, getting all snuggly on the couch.
I would be sooooo excited to get into Fly to take a class today. Unfortunately, its not an option.
Chad has a huge project he is working on at work, so he is going to be at the office until late tonight. grrr. It is going to take alot more mojo for me to workout at home today but I have decided I want to do that for myself. It's only 11am and Dutch and I have already done so much, I feel like I need a nap! Part of me is still excited for my exercise though- because I know my body needs it. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I am done. I LOVE sweating. It makes me feel better about staying inside watching another movie with Dutch because the weather is so crappy. (my snow day movie recommendations-Happy Feet, Shrek 1-4, Over the Hedge, Despicable Me, Mars Needs Moms and yes, we have watched all of these)

If there is anyone out there who wants to workout with me today, I think I am going to do a workout video when Dutch is in nappy time. Last time I did a workout video with him in the room, I accidentally kicked him in the face. (He was fine, don't worry) There are a bunch On Demand but I personally love my P90X and Chalene Extreme dvd's that I have. I bought them to help me lose my 60lbs I gained after having Dutch. They are awesome workouts and are super tough, which is why I love them. I am still deciding which video will be right for me today. I am thinking it might be P90 Yoga and I will crank the heat up in our bedroom. I did cardio and strength yesterday and I am hoping to get into Fly for a cycle class tomorrow. Yoga will be the perfect mix. p.s. I bought my dvd's used on amazon in case you are wondering.

Time to get back to my business associate, Dutch. He is currently running around the living room screaming with excitement because he has no pants on. Man, he is awesome. hahahaha

Tally ho, sisters!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow day- cabin fever-cardio party workout

The snow has only been here for one whole day. It started yesterday and looks like it will be here for a few more days. I did not really get cabin fever but was so afraid I would. I can definately remeber a version of myself from the past that would be so irritated by the rude interuption of snow. There is no doubt it slows the city down and slowing down has always been tough for me. It is so much easier for me to talk myself into working out than relaxing. We are all constantly changing and growing and this is something I am getting better at. I actually remember one year when it snowed and I was so pissed my gym was closed that I went out and frantically climbed this hill, covered in snow, over and over. That was back in my super freak, workout obsessed, crazy phase of life. It was a great workout but my mind was not in its proper place. I was not working out to feel good, I was working out because I was terrified to miss even one day. This year, today actually, I am really focusing on enjoying the calm that the snow seems to bring. It has been fun to watch Dutch and Vader get excited by the crazy weather. I woke up with some anxiety about entertaining them all day long but I think I struggle with that on some level everyday. I wonder if everyone feels that way. All we have is our own perspective so its hard to tell. I took each moment today to listen to my internal radar. What do we want to do, not what SHOULD we do.
Part of feeling good in my body is listening to it. Honoring it. Not only in exercise but throughout the day.
Today was my rest day but Dutch and I did venture out. My family has one vehicle and Chad had it at the office today. We were out of coffee. I felt a little like a crack addict might feel if they woke up and realized they were out of crack. I realize I love coffee a little too much but am totally okay with that for now. I have enough to work on right now and quitting coffee is not on that list today. I thought maybe walking to Starbucks would be a good way to get out and do something and I needed my coffee (crack). Dutch and I got in our warmies and headed out. Whether it was a "workout" or not, I carried his 40lb. body about a mile there and back. It was really nice and we made some pit stops so he could run around.
I am posting a workout that I did the other day in case anyone wants to break up their own cabin fever.
I did this on Wednesday last week and it was definately easier than the first workout. It still got me a good sweat and it felt good to move my body. The hardest part was of corse the mountain climbers (make sure your shoulders are directly above your wrists) but mainly the squats in between sets. There were ALOT of squats and I encourage you to do them with proper form but as fast as you can. Dont stand up all the way at the top, almost pulse it but make it a big pulse. I had fun checking off each exercise on my sheet. I didn't check off the squats-OBVI. Halfway through the workout I switched from standard squats to sumo squats just to keep it exciting. Sounds exciting, right?! :)

Cardio Party
total workout time 40mins (depending on fitness level)
Do each of the following exercises for 1 minute. In between each one, do one minute of rapid squats. Your legs will start to feel the squats so know this going in and stay focused. Have fun! Watch your legs in the mirror and see how strong they are!
1. high knees
2. jumping jacks
3. mountain climbers
4. jog
5. butt kickers (jog in place but kick your own butt)
6. push ups (I do them on my knees, with a solid core. Suck your belly button into your spine and keep proper form while moving as rapidly as you can)
7. high knees
8. jumping jacks
9. mountain climbers
10. jog in place
11. butt kickers
12. push ups
13. high knees
14. jumping jacks
15. mountain climbers
16. jog in place
17. butt kickers
18. push ups
19. high knees
20. mountain climbers

Happy snow days!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recap of work that BOD workout #1 and my plan of attack for today

As you can see from my creepy, taking my own photo in the mirror, pic- above, my AT HOME FITNESS OASIS is anything but glamorous. I literaly started my workout seconds later, kicking his toys out of my way. Yesterday's workout was really physically challenging and I was very happy about that. The squats/pressing the weight up in between each exercise got pretty crazy and my shoulders were definately feeling it. The burpees and mountain climbers were so hard and I kept looking at my timer on my cell phone thinking-THIS IS THE LONGEST MINUTE EVER! I did not pee my pants at any point during the workout, even the jumping jacks and I would definately call that a success. Okay, I am teasing and over dramatizing this fun fact about post pregnancy pants peeing but I just want to let you all know I understand it. It can happen. Luckily I feel pretty much back to normal in that department and Dutch is almost two. (If any of my ex boyfriends happen to read this blog I would die. Just for the record. I am willing to take the risk)
The funny thing about yesterday's workout is Dutch was PISSED! The entire time. P to the O'ed. As soon as it started he started whining and begging me to pick him up. It continued off and on for the ENTIRE 40 minutes. I was kind of laughing to myself remembering how I had said, its all about patience. I was definately being tested yesterday and I think I passed?? I chose to ignore him for the most part. I was doing that whole, "I am pretending to talk to you and using my pretending to talk to you voice but really-I wish you would pipe down" thing. Picture me trying to do high knees while saying things like, "oooh look at all your cars, honey!" hopeing he would stop torturing me. He was totally safe, nothing was wrong with him, he didnt need me. He was trying to get me to stop working out and that was not going to happen. I powered through. I picked him up a few times and he thought that was pretty funny until about 10mins in and I was super sweaty. That made the beast even angrier. He did start dancing when Boom Boom Pow came on so maybe he just didnt like the rest of my playlist. Who knows. It still felt good to work hard, to push myself and to get my sweat on. For the last two minutes of work we left his room and went downstairs because he kept saying, SHREK SHREK SHREK so I figured he had earned it. I put it on and finished the crunches and oblique twists downstairs. I am very excited to get into Fly Fitness tonight just to get away for a bit. I teach three classes and then I think I will just workout at the studio for about 30mins. For some reason I ate alot yesterday, I think out of boredom and I feel like I need to ride the bike a bit tonight to snap out of it.
So today, if any of my fellow mom's out there can get into a class or do something to give time to yourself away from your family, that would feel awesome. I know mom's can sometimes create that mom guilt in their head every time they leave the house, especially if it's to do something like workout. Let me tell you first hand, you should never feel guilty for still taking time just for you. No matter what it is, you are still allowed to have your time when you need it. Don't you always feel so much better when you get that time? Mom's take on the world all day long. We want to take care of our families, it's in our nature. Sometimes Chad will get home from work and ask if he can go upstairs and take a nap because he is beat. It always makes me think........huh? You just got home! Don't you want to spend every waking second making Dutch happy? Don't you feel some crazy obligation in your gut to devote all of your power on your child? I don't think most men have that. Maybe mine is special. Chad is an AMAZING dad and he does do such a good job playing with Dutch and giving him attention. I am just pointing out that men don't feel the guilt like we do. We make it up, ladies. Its make belive. So carve out your hour or two to get out of the house. To feel good, to move your body.
I still want to hear if anyone actually does these workouts so don't be afraid to let me know! Tally ho, honey's!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Workout #1-Work that BOD Bedroom Blast

Good morning! I am happy to report that last night's teaching/8:15pm yoga combo was awesome! I am so glad I did it and I had fun (honestly, I did) the entire night! There was a point after I was done teaching that I thought-do I really want to go to yoga? What am I thinking? I still went anyways and as soon as I was in that warm room, on my mat, I was so happy that I went for it. My mind was definately busier than usual but I enjoyed the class and was happy the temp was perfectly nice.

I learned yesterday that there are alot of stay at home mom's out there that need motivation or some sort of connection. I really hope this blog helps us to all workout together and help eachother realize we ARE connected.

Today is one of those days I am really going to have to dig deep and create a fun workout environment, right here at home. Chad is working late tonight, its freezing outside and yet it is a great day to get my sweat on. I taught an Organized Chaos class last night and we used the bike and the circuit I am about to share with you. The class was awesome and people were sweating, moaning and groaning (which I interpret as, this is kicking my ass) and struggling. I want to see what they were feeling! I don't have a bike at home or a ugi ball (one of Fly's most amazing tools) but I have 8 lb. dumbells and a yoga mat. My plan is to workout around 11am, I really like to have atleast 2 hours to digest my food before its GO TIME.
There are some tips to making this fun that I suggest you take very seriously. :)

1. create an amazing playlist that is going to really get you going.
2. find a good space where you have plenty of room and ideally a big mirror. Try watching yourself during the workout and find positive's to what you have right now. I like to see how hard I am working, it makes me push harder.
3. be an observer during the workout-feel what is happening, how hard you are working. If you decide to stop, it should be because you physically can't keep going, not because you just feel like stopping. This is meant to be HARD, UNCOMFORTABLE and EFFECTIVE. The only thing that can get you there is the effort level you put into the work.
4. feel your breath, similar to yoga. Focus on sending your breath wherever you need it and feel how amazing it feels just to simply breath.
5. Realize the benefits of working out at home with your kids (or when they are napping) You are setting an amazing example, maybe they are dancing along side you, you can wear WHATEVER you want (usually my most awful workout clothes are reserved for these at home workouts), you can dance like a crazy person in between sets, HAVE FUN!
6. Probably the most important rule is to have patience. Whether your kid wakes up halfway through the work or he starts getting in your way during the workout, PATIENCE with your kids is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than finishing in that moment. This is where planning is key. Learn the best time for you to get the job done. For me, I want to rest or clean when Dutch is sleeping so I try to make it like a fun dance party for us when he is awake. There have been times when he has tried to get me to help him build a lego house right when I am INTO IT and he starts acting like the crazy 2 year old he is. That is when I usually make a choice. Do I need to kick him out and put him in front of Shrek? Do I help him quickly and hope he gets over it? Do I stop working out and realize he needs me right now? You need to be honest with yourself because usually you can get the workout done. I just know right after I had Dutch when I was deep into PPDville, freaking out about getting my body back, I was such a jerk when he interupted my workouts. I would get so frusterated and upset and it was awful. The work is important but it's not worth getting mad at the kiddo just because he interupted your flow. I speak from experience!
7. If you are working out with me it needs to be TO FEEL GOOD! This is not about what we look like although of corse we all want a BANGIN BOD. I just know if that is my focus I get all crazy in the head. Its impossible to look like the size 4 Lululemon model that I see everywhere I go. That is not my body and I would have to be a crazy super freak to even get my body to do that. I constantly remind myself this is to feel healthy, strong, energetic and confident. We can remind eachother because I forget this quite often.

Okay Okay, the workout..........drum roll please............
We are going to do two rounds of the below which should total 40mins.
There are 10 exercises and we will do each one for a minute. In between each minute we are going to squat and lift one of our 8lb. dumbells above our head. Imagine how people squat with a kettlebell, only you can use whatever you have. Where you see the * below, you are squatting and lifting the weight up for 1 min.

warm up-light jog in place, 2 mins

1. pushups on knees or toes
2. burpees (no pushup here, just jump high when you are up)
3. plank rocking back and forth on elbows
4. mountain climbers
5. plank jacks
6. jumping jacks (moms, if these are not your friend do them however you can without peeing yourself, luckily you are at home and can pee yourself if you want :) )
7. tricep dips
8. high knees
9. crunches
10. oblique twist with one 8lb dumbell

cool down-walk around the room - 1 min, then stretch
If you have been to my classes you know the form and what these all are. If not, you can probably google them but please know, FORM is key. Protect your body by moving with intention. After your first twenty minute set you might be done if you have not been training. If you are ready for the advanced version, do this whole thing twice, taking only a small sip of water at the end of round one and going again quickly.
Work to your level of HARD. If you are just getting back into it, you can ease into this and pace yourself.

I am excited to do this today because I feel like I am not going to be doing it alone! Let's shake what our mama gave us, girls!!! Time to go plan my playlist. I will report back after I finish. I want to hear if any of you do this!!!! Sharing is caring.