Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flycycle Classic, an inside look

I took Amanda's Flycycle Classic class today at 9:30am and it was freakin awesome. I was so excited to go because I usually let Chad sleep in which means I am at home with baby D. I really needed to get out and I wanted to see Amanda so I made it happen. Man, am I glad I did. Spinning is one of my favorite workouts in the world. For one it really is intense cardio while still being nicer to the body than most cardio activities like running or plyometrics. It is nice to your joints and yet totally kicks your ass, if that is what you want, of corse.
There were quite a few times during class that I genuinely felt nauseous. Not anywhere near throwing up but more like a fire in the belly. When I feel that pit in my tummy I am pretty close to my max and I know I have to really dig through it. That is my indicator that I am training like an athlete and that I am truly pushing myself. I would call that the tippy top of zone 3 or as we say the uncomfortable, working gear. The awesome thing about cycling is you are in charge of what that feels like for you. You control the tension on the bike and how hard you are riding. I noticed that my mind was very clear during class but thoughts would definately creep in. If it was not a thought about what I was doing in that room I immediatly let it go. The exception to this is when I get ideas on goals or inspiration for my own teaching style. Yoga and the spin bike are the two places I really get into my spirit. Not kidding. I know that sounds so cheezy but it just means the me when I am not feeling anything negative. I had moments of doubt but I shut them down as fast as I could. I am talking seconds. As soon as we finished a really hard set I would instantly think-"okay I cant go on, she is killing me" but then we would recover and my body was ready for more. It was something I was guiding myself through and I really had to feel the zones. Amanda teaches like a drill sergent only she has a smile on her face the entire time and you can tell she wants to see you succeed. I liked that I was being pushed and yet I was always in control of what was happening. There were times she said to add a quarter and I didnt because I knew if I did, I really couldnt do what she was asking me to do. You really need to decide what is right for the moment and for your body. Amanda brought up something that blew my mind in class which was how we leak energy during a ride. I never realized that if my body is tense it is taking away from my power. I often scrunch my face and probably look like a crazy person when I am in a sprint. Today I tried a different tactic just used my yoga breathing. It felt so much better! I was breathing almost in my throat and you could definately hear it. I usually talk about the connection between yoga and the bike and today was no exception. I had a drishde (yoga for stare at something that isnt moving and use it to focus) during the tough pieces of work and was just staring deep into the shadow of Amanda's bike. It really is a way to help yourself focus while letting the work take over.
There are a few things that can make or break a spinning or cycling class. Those being-- MUSIC, the TEACHER, quality of BIKES. I am bias of corse but I am lucky enough to teach in a place that has all three things going on. We all teach differently but everyone came from the same training. We all have different tastes in music but it works. The bikes are the bomb. I have seen so many crappy bikes and I dont think I could ride another bike. I have had many people tell me they are too afraid to try spinning for many reasons. I would love for any mom out there who has wondered about spinning to give it a shot. Why not get out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you? I truly believe on the other side of fear there is love, always. There I go being cheezy again but I guess that is just who I am. How will you ever know what you are capable of if you dont conquer a little fear along the way?
Do it.


  1. That's so funny - I'm always using my labor techniques to get through the hard parts of a class. Glad to know there's a yoga name for it too! I usually stare at the tension knob and count the points over and over. :) your description of Amanda is perfect. Her classes kill me.

  2. Tori, labor breathing is totally another word for it. hahahaha, now I know your secret. :)