Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Shmo

The snow has put a stop to the normalcy in my day (for the last few days) and it has definitely forced me to live more in the moment. I had a few days of working out inside, which was nice, but I finally got into the studio last night. It felt AWESOME! Yes, I was teaching, but I was connecting, hanging with friends, sweating and moving. I was in Heaven. Before staying home with Dutch, I was in there everyday. I could take a class whenever I wanted and I didn't realize how nice that was. At the same time, I would much rather be with Dutch as much as I am and have to make my workouts a second priority. We are having so much fun together and I realize its so good for me to be forced to relax and enjoy the day with Dutch. We have already gone to the hippy bookstore in Redmond and enjoyed a coffee break together. Hit up Trader Joes and Dutch pushed the cart for me. We are now watching Astro Boy together, getting all snuggly on the couch.
I would be sooooo excited to get into Fly to take a class today. Unfortunately, its not an option.
Chad has a huge project he is working on at work, so he is going to be at the office until late tonight. grrr. It is going to take alot more mojo for me to workout at home today but I have decided I want to do that for myself. It's only 11am and Dutch and I have already done so much, I feel like I need a nap! Part of me is still excited for my exercise though- because I know my body needs it. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I am done. I LOVE sweating. It makes me feel better about staying inside watching another movie with Dutch because the weather is so crappy. (my snow day movie recommendations-Happy Feet, Shrek 1-4, Over the Hedge, Despicable Me, Mars Needs Moms and yes, we have watched all of these)

If there is anyone out there who wants to workout with me today, I think I am going to do a workout video when Dutch is in nappy time. Last time I did a workout video with him in the room, I accidentally kicked him in the face. (He was fine, don't worry) There are a bunch On Demand but I personally love my P90X and Chalene Extreme dvd's that I have. I bought them to help me lose my 60lbs I gained after having Dutch. They are awesome workouts and are super tough, which is why I love them. I am still deciding which video will be right for me today. I am thinking it might be P90 Yoga and I will crank the heat up in our bedroom. I did cardio and strength yesterday and I am hoping to get into Fly for a cycle class tomorrow. Yoga will be the perfect mix. p.s. I bought my dvd's used on amazon in case you are wondering.

Time to get back to my business associate, Dutch. He is currently running around the living room screaming with excitement because he has no pants on. Man, he is awesome. hahahaha

Tally ho, sisters!

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