Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Shmo-workout completed

There was a strong moment right after I put Dutch down for his nap when I thought I might just sit down on the couch and watch Nip Tuck (pervy show, I know) and maybe eat some kale chips. I did not listen and popped in my yoga video asap.
I didn't even bring the baby monitor into my workout area with me. I knew Dutch was fine and he naps anywhere from 1 hr-3hrs. I wanted to really enjoy my 90 mins. and figured I could hear him if he was crying and if he woke up early, he could entertain himself. Mama needed her yoga. It was not an aggressive workout but it felt AWESOME! It was a great yoga sequence and I was sweating a bit but I felt really good the entire time. There was some burnage in the thighs but it still felt good. Yesterday's workout was intense and tomorrow's will be too (spin) so today was the perfect day for me to focus on breathing, movement and toning.
Bonus to at home workouts? You can exercise in your undies. Why create laundry? I am not kidding. Shorts are good for any photo ops, though.
Dutch was a stage 5 clinger from the time he woke up from his nap until right now. He was very high maintenance tonight and part of me thinks the yoga I did earlier probably helped me find some zen for this evening. It's not like he was tough but when he is yelling "mom" all day and wanting to be held, it can get a little like-AHHHHHHH CHILD!!!! (but I love you)
I would love to hear from anyone out there about anything fitness or mom related. Is anyone working out with me??? I loved that one of my sorority sisters reached out and asked for some exercises she can do quickly while the kids are watching tv. Hey-get it in where you can, girlfriend! I love it!

Party on mamsitas! Till the next sweat sesh......


  1. So, I have been sitting here all afternoon, since I read your first post about how awesome you are and your plan to work out. We took a snow-walk today, but that's it. I wish I had done more during the nap but I just needed to rest. I'm contemplating going to spinning at Fly in the morning, but just can't decide. I think I'm 85% of the way there and its because I'm inspired by you, lady!!!!!! Xoxo

  2. SUSAN! A snow walk is awesome! I would have loved that but it was so nasty out, especially around our apartments. I am going to the 9:30am tomorrow, lets go!

  3. Casey, I read your blog! I am so inspired by it and have had a lot of same feelings you described (letting go of working out everyday and learning to listen to my body). I love the at home workouts- sometimes after a day at the office I am so mentally drained its so hard to push myself to get to the gym. The at home workouts have been so useful for my 3 snow days. I truly appreciate your honesty and perspective! I get so much out of reading your posts and look forward to them :)

  4. Thanks Caitlin! I really truly appreciate that. I will definately post more workouts. Hope to see you in class soon!