Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow day- cabin fever-cardio party workout

The snow has only been here for one whole day. It started yesterday and looks like it will be here for a few more days. I did not really get cabin fever but was so afraid I would. I can definately remeber a version of myself from the past that would be so irritated by the rude interuption of snow. There is no doubt it slows the city down and slowing down has always been tough for me. It is so much easier for me to talk myself into working out than relaxing. We are all constantly changing and growing and this is something I am getting better at. I actually remember one year when it snowed and I was so pissed my gym was closed that I went out and frantically climbed this hill, covered in snow, over and over. That was back in my super freak, workout obsessed, crazy phase of life. It was a great workout but my mind was not in its proper place. I was not working out to feel good, I was working out because I was terrified to miss even one day. This year, today actually, I am really focusing on enjoying the calm that the snow seems to bring. It has been fun to watch Dutch and Vader get excited by the crazy weather. I woke up with some anxiety about entertaining them all day long but I think I struggle with that on some level everyday. I wonder if everyone feels that way. All we have is our own perspective so its hard to tell. I took each moment today to listen to my internal radar. What do we want to do, not what SHOULD we do.
Part of feeling good in my body is listening to it. Honoring it. Not only in exercise but throughout the day.
Today was my rest day but Dutch and I did venture out. My family has one vehicle and Chad had it at the office today. We were out of coffee. I felt a little like a crack addict might feel if they woke up and realized they were out of crack. I realize I love coffee a little too much but am totally okay with that for now. I have enough to work on right now and quitting coffee is not on that list today. I thought maybe walking to Starbucks would be a good way to get out and do something and I needed my coffee (crack). Dutch and I got in our warmies and headed out. Whether it was a "workout" or not, I carried his 40lb. body about a mile there and back. It was really nice and we made some pit stops so he could run around.
I am posting a workout that I did the other day in case anyone wants to break up their own cabin fever.
I did this on Wednesday last week and it was definately easier than the first workout. It still got me a good sweat and it felt good to move my body. The hardest part was of corse the mountain climbers (make sure your shoulders are directly above your wrists) but mainly the squats in between sets. There were ALOT of squats and I encourage you to do them with proper form but as fast as you can. Dont stand up all the way at the top, almost pulse it but make it a big pulse. I had fun checking off each exercise on my sheet. I didn't check off the squats-OBVI. Halfway through the workout I switched from standard squats to sumo squats just to keep it exciting. Sounds exciting, right?! :)

Cardio Party
total workout time 40mins (depending on fitness level)
Do each of the following exercises for 1 minute. In between each one, do one minute of rapid squats. Your legs will start to feel the squats so know this going in and stay focused. Have fun! Watch your legs in the mirror and see how strong they are!
1. high knees
2. jumping jacks
3. mountain climbers
4. jog
5. butt kickers (jog in place but kick your own butt)
6. push ups (I do them on my knees, with a solid core. Suck your belly button into your spine and keep proper form while moving as rapidly as you can)
7. high knees
8. jumping jacks
9. mountain climbers
10. jog in place
11. butt kickers
12. push ups
13. high knees
14. jumping jacks
15. mountain climbers
16. jog in place
17. butt kickers
18. push ups
19. high knees
20. mountain climbers

Happy snow days!

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  1. I'm totally going to do this one tomorrow. I think it would be cool if you could post a video of these workouts!!!