Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recap of work that BOD workout #1 and my plan of attack for today

As you can see from my creepy, taking my own photo in the mirror, pic- above, my AT HOME FITNESS OASIS is anything but glamorous. I literaly started my workout seconds later, kicking his toys out of my way. Yesterday's workout was really physically challenging and I was very happy about that. The squats/pressing the weight up in between each exercise got pretty crazy and my shoulders were definately feeling it. The burpees and mountain climbers were so hard and I kept looking at my timer on my cell phone thinking-THIS IS THE LONGEST MINUTE EVER! I did not pee my pants at any point during the workout, even the jumping jacks and I would definately call that a success. Okay, I am teasing and over dramatizing this fun fact about post pregnancy pants peeing but I just want to let you all know I understand it. It can happen. Luckily I feel pretty much back to normal in that department and Dutch is almost two. (If any of my ex boyfriends happen to read this blog I would die. Just for the record. I am willing to take the risk)
The funny thing about yesterday's workout is Dutch was PISSED! The entire time. P to the O'ed. As soon as it started he started whining and begging me to pick him up. It continued off and on for the ENTIRE 40 minutes. I was kind of laughing to myself remembering how I had said, its all about patience. I was definately being tested yesterday and I think I passed?? I chose to ignore him for the most part. I was doing that whole, "I am pretending to talk to you and using my pretending to talk to you voice but really-I wish you would pipe down" thing. Picture me trying to do high knees while saying things like, "oooh look at all your cars, honey!" hopeing he would stop torturing me. He was totally safe, nothing was wrong with him, he didnt need me. He was trying to get me to stop working out and that was not going to happen. I powered through. I picked him up a few times and he thought that was pretty funny until about 10mins in and I was super sweaty. That made the beast even angrier. He did start dancing when Boom Boom Pow came on so maybe he just didnt like the rest of my playlist. Who knows. It still felt good to work hard, to push myself and to get my sweat on. For the last two minutes of work we left his room and went downstairs because he kept saying, SHREK SHREK SHREK so I figured he had earned it. I put it on and finished the crunches and oblique twists downstairs. I am very excited to get into Fly Fitness tonight just to get away for a bit. I teach three classes and then I think I will just workout at the studio for about 30mins. For some reason I ate alot yesterday, I think out of boredom and I feel like I need to ride the bike a bit tonight to snap out of it.
So today, if any of my fellow mom's out there can get into a class or do something to give time to yourself away from your family, that would feel awesome. I know mom's can sometimes create that mom guilt in their head every time they leave the house, especially if it's to do something like workout. Let me tell you first hand, you should never feel guilty for still taking time just for you. No matter what it is, you are still allowed to have your time when you need it. Don't you always feel so much better when you get that time? Mom's take on the world all day long. We want to take care of our families, it's in our nature. Sometimes Chad will get home from work and ask if he can go upstairs and take a nap because he is beat. It always makes me think........huh? You just got home! Don't you want to spend every waking second making Dutch happy? Don't you feel some crazy obligation in your gut to devote all of your power on your child? I don't think most men have that. Maybe mine is special. Chad is an AMAZING dad and he does do such a good job playing with Dutch and giving him attention. I am just pointing out that men don't feel the guilt like we do. We make it up, ladies. Its make belive. So carve out your hour or two to get out of the house. To feel good, to move your body.
I still want to hear if anyone actually does these workouts so don't be afraid to let me know! Tally ho, honey's!

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