Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Workout #1-Work that BOD Bedroom Blast

Good morning! I am happy to report that last night's teaching/8:15pm yoga combo was awesome! I am so glad I did it and I had fun (honestly, I did) the entire night! There was a point after I was done teaching that I thought-do I really want to go to yoga? What am I thinking? I still went anyways and as soon as I was in that warm room, on my mat, I was so happy that I went for it. My mind was definately busier than usual but I enjoyed the class and was happy the temp was perfectly nice.

I learned yesterday that there are alot of stay at home mom's out there that need motivation or some sort of connection. I really hope this blog helps us to all workout together and help eachother realize we ARE connected.

Today is one of those days I am really going to have to dig deep and create a fun workout environment, right here at home. Chad is working late tonight, its freezing outside and yet it is a great day to get my sweat on. I taught an Organized Chaos class last night and we used the bike and the circuit I am about to share with you. The class was awesome and people were sweating, moaning and groaning (which I interpret as, this is kicking my ass) and struggling. I want to see what they were feeling! I don't have a bike at home or a ugi ball (one of Fly's most amazing tools) but I have 8 lb. dumbells and a yoga mat. My plan is to workout around 11am, I really like to have atleast 2 hours to digest my food before its GO TIME.
There are some tips to making this fun that I suggest you take very seriously. :)

1. create an amazing playlist that is going to really get you going.
2. find a good space where you have plenty of room and ideally a big mirror. Try watching yourself during the workout and find positive's to what you have right now. I like to see how hard I am working, it makes me push harder.
3. be an observer during the workout-feel what is happening, how hard you are working. If you decide to stop, it should be because you physically can't keep going, not because you just feel like stopping. This is meant to be HARD, UNCOMFORTABLE and EFFECTIVE. The only thing that can get you there is the effort level you put into the work.
4. feel your breath, similar to yoga. Focus on sending your breath wherever you need it and feel how amazing it feels just to simply breath.
5. Realize the benefits of working out at home with your kids (or when they are napping) You are setting an amazing example, maybe they are dancing along side you, you can wear WHATEVER you want (usually my most awful workout clothes are reserved for these at home workouts), you can dance like a crazy person in between sets, HAVE FUN!
6. Probably the most important rule is to have patience. Whether your kid wakes up halfway through the work or he starts getting in your way during the workout, PATIENCE with your kids is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than finishing in that moment. This is where planning is key. Learn the best time for you to get the job done. For me, I want to rest or clean when Dutch is sleeping so I try to make it like a fun dance party for us when he is awake. There have been times when he has tried to get me to help him build a lego house right when I am INTO IT and he starts acting like the crazy 2 year old he is. That is when I usually make a choice. Do I need to kick him out and put him in front of Shrek? Do I help him quickly and hope he gets over it? Do I stop working out and realize he needs me right now? You need to be honest with yourself because usually you can get the workout done. I just know right after I had Dutch when I was deep into PPDville, freaking out about getting my body back, I was such a jerk when he interupted my workouts. I would get so frusterated and upset and it was awful. The work is important but it's not worth getting mad at the kiddo just because he interupted your flow. I speak from experience!
7. If you are working out with me it needs to be TO FEEL GOOD! This is not about what we look like although of corse we all want a BANGIN BOD. I just know if that is my focus I get all crazy in the head. Its impossible to look like the size 4 Lululemon model that I see everywhere I go. That is not my body and I would have to be a crazy super freak to even get my body to do that. I constantly remind myself this is to feel healthy, strong, energetic and confident. We can remind eachother because I forget this quite often.

Okay Okay, the workout..........drum roll please............
We are going to do two rounds of the below which should total 40mins.
There are 10 exercises and we will do each one for a minute. In between each minute we are going to squat and lift one of our 8lb. dumbells above our head. Imagine how people squat with a kettlebell, only you can use whatever you have. Where you see the * below, you are squatting and lifting the weight up for 1 min.

warm up-light jog in place, 2 mins

1. pushups on knees or toes
2. burpees (no pushup here, just jump high when you are up)
3. plank rocking back and forth on elbows
4. mountain climbers
5. plank jacks
6. jumping jacks (moms, if these are not your friend do them however you can without peeing yourself, luckily you are at home and can pee yourself if you want :) )
7. tricep dips
8. high knees
9. crunches
10. oblique twist with one 8lb dumbell

cool down-walk around the room - 1 min, then stretch
If you have been to my classes you know the form and what these all are. If not, you can probably google them but please know, FORM is key. Protect your body by moving with intention. After your first twenty minute set you might be done if you have not been training. If you are ready for the advanced version, do this whole thing twice, taking only a small sip of water at the end of round one and going again quickly.
Work to your level of HARD. If you are just getting back into it, you can ease into this and pace yourself.

I am excited to do this today because I feel like I am not going to be doing it alone! Let's shake what our mama gave us, girls!!! Time to go plan my playlist. I will report back after I finish. I want to hear if any of you do this!!!! Sharing is caring.

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