Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Kid is Watchin a Movie Like a Zombie BOMB DIGGITY WORKOUT

I found the best kept workout secret for moms in the WORLD! Drum roll please..... The movie Puss in Boots. We purchased the movie a few days ago and Dutch is in LOVE with it. I am confident that if Chad and I dressed up like bears, danced around the living room with drums, and howled like maniacs, Dutch would not even blink. I personally think this is awesome. I feel lucky in the sense that Dutch can get hooked on movies pretty easily. I think of this as advanced intelligence. He is so smart he "gets" the movies that are well beyond his years, right?! Yes, my child is a genius. But really, if you need a distraction, movies can be amazing, atleast for my kid.
I told myself I was going to wake up and go to the 6am class at Fly yesterday. I pretty much knew that wouldnt happen when I was still awake at 11pm. If there is any "maybe" in a decision for a 6am class, that is usually a failed mission. I know for me, I have to tell myself 100%, all in, no doubts, wake up. It is hard to do that now when I know I have the whole day, therefore I did not wake up at 6am. I have been noticing that my desire to workout when Dutch goes for a nap is really low, but I did already know that. When he naps, I want to watch Gossip Girl on Netflix, drink some coffee, sit down and put my feet up. I feel really energetic and I WANT to workout usually at about 11am. I did that yesterday to make up for my 6am no show and it was BOMB DIGGITY!!! Probably because I have the energy from breakfast and a snack in my belly. So-I have done this a few times now-put on Puss in Boots, rock and roll into my workout. Don't worry, Dutch and I do plenty of other fun, non TV activities after I getter done.
I am super sore today and I think that is the coolest thing ever. I love that I did this to myself in my own living room!
I named the workout that I did yesterday, The Sexy Sixy. I led my Organized Chaos class on Tuesday night through most of this workout and they sure did have me fooled. I had no idea how hard this would be. As soon as I started this workout at home, I realized the women who train at Fly Fitness are frickin STRONG! They made it look so smooth and flawless! I knew they were working hard but dang, this had me dripping with sweat and huffing and puffing.

We are going to do 6 sets of work with 6 exercises in each set going from cardio to strength. Do each exercise for 1 minute, no breaks. If you need to catch your breath in any of the work, do it and get back to it as quickly as you can. You can take about 30 seconds in between sets to walk it off, take a sip of water, feed your kid some lunch.

Start with a Dynamic warm up for about 4 minutes.

Set 1
1. jumping jacks
2. burpees with push up
3. high knees
4. reverse lunges with hop ups Left
5. reverse lunges with hop ups Right
6. lateral squat jumps (legs are together and its almost like you are skiing down a slope. Just jump side to side, keeping the legs together, getting as low as you can.)

Set 2
1. push ups
2. up and down plank (start on your hands and feet, then come down to your elbows, push back up to your hands and repeat)
3. dive bombers
4. moving plank (start center, then move to a side plank on right, back to center, side plank on left, holding each side plank for a full breath)
5. Bent over Rows (8lbs)
6. slow burpees with 8lb dumbbels and push ups

Set 3
1. jump squats
2. mountain climbers
3. mary katherines
4. big jump squat forward, two little jumps back
5. jumping jacks
6. high knees

Set 4
1. butt in the air push ups (start in downward dog then do push ups right there. basically a decline push up)
2. tricep dips
3. plank
4. sumo squat with a bicep curl (I used my 8's)
5. sump squats swinging both weights up like a kettlebell ( I remember this point when I was teaching class. One of my all stars was like-DANG! This is heavy and hard!!! I coached her through it and told her to keep going. I now realize how hard this actually was. I wanted to go down in weight but knew I could do it. Stay with it if you can! PUSH YOURSELF!!)
6. chair pose

Set 5
1. Single hops on right leg (just bend your left leg so you can just hop on your right foot. Your calves will be on FIYA!)
2. Single hops on left leg
3. In and Out squat jumps
4. plank jacks
5. mountain climbers
6. high knees

Set 6 -only set where we do reps rather than working for a minute
1. pull ups 15 (I used my pull up bar, you can sub rows here if needed)
2. split leg bicep curls 15, switch legs, 15 - 30 total
3. lateral raises 25 (8lbs)
4. pull ups 15
5. butt ups (I used my sons little chair, put my feet on it, laid on my mat and lift that booty.)
6. Boat pose -30 seconds to a minute, as long as you can

Whew! That was a crazy good time!!! I really did love it and was happy when I was done. If anyone does this workout, I want to hear about it!