Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chase Dat Kid Workout

When it's not raining, us Seattlites need to take advantage and get outside. You can see the field where Dutch and I worked out today. It was kind of spur of the moment, I had my workout clothes on and we headed out for an adventure. It started with visiting Chad for a cup of joe in the sunshine. He loved visiting his dad, then Dutch and I just started walking on the trail behind Chad's work. We ended up at this huge field by the Redmond library and the police station. It was perfect because there were lots of big ledges for tricep dips, decline push ups, explosive jumps, step ups and whatever else I could think of. I started just jogging the field and Dutch thought we were playing tag. Depending on what direction he went, I just did what I could and made it up as I went. I would do push ups, squat jumps, burpees and the other moves that I could think of with the ledge. There was no rhyme or reason, no magic number of reps. I just did what I could until he started to run away from me then I just chased him as part of the workout. I ran the field with him in my arms a few times (just like a sandbag only this sandbag was either cracking up or whining) which was actually really challenging. I tried to distract him with dirt piles to kick or grates to bang on that made a cool noise. He was never distracted for very long but I was able to get a good sweat and get my heart rate up.

I did not have a stroller with me because we had taken the bus down to Chad's work. That meant workout part 2 was walking home carrying Dutch most of the way. The gnarly part was going up Redmond Way (big incline) with my 40lb. D-Money in my arms. I kept having to switch my grip so both biceps were burning, not just one. I will say this was not the best on my back, I was feeling it by the time I got home but it was really fun. We played "touch the tree" on the walk home to distract him from squirming. We also pointed out birds, buses, cars and people. It felt really good to be outside getting creative with my baby boy. I finished it up with Scooby Doo (distraction tool) and abs when I got home.

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