Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games on a Bike

I had the privledge of teaching two Hunger Games themed flycycle classes last week. ( People LOVE these books and the characters and I didnt want to let them down! I wanted to do this class to allow us "ADULTS" to have a little fun. Play pretend and get inside our imagination. The soundtrack to the movie came out the day of the first ride. The songs were very slow, dark, mysterious, almost sad. This not a traditional soundtrack for a cycling class but I knew the magic would be there.
I had to rely on the people in class to make this an EPIC experience. If they were willing to play along and go INSIDE themselves, this was going to be amazing.

Both classes WERE AWESOME!
I stayed pretty traditional to the soundtrack with the first group. It was a heavy and dark ride and they were able to go inside themselves and find the work. I felt comfortable telling stories and quotes from the book and we even had some trivia! My favorite prize was (Dave's Killer) bread from District 11. (Get it?!)

I threw in some faster songs for the second group because I knew atleast one person was doing this for the second time. It worked out perfectly because this group was definately a bit sassy. They were fired up and ready to have fun. A few of them were going to the midnight premier and they came into the class excited for anything Hunger Games.

I personally loved all three books and can understand why people are creating and looking for Hunger Games workouts. The story is so powerful, suspensful and full of hope. People want to connect to the characters as much as they can, wherever they can. When the books are over you are kind of left with.......whatever you can find. The movie, a workout, a book club, maybe even a mockinjay pin. (I saw these in my class!)
I had both classes write down a quality about Katniss that got her through the first Hunger Games. I loved what they came up with!:

Strong Athlete

I do think everyone has a little bit of Katniss inside of them. You can choose to tap into that Katniss power or not. If she can battle to the death against all odds, we can do whatever we set our minds to, right? That is all she did. She DECIDED how it was all going to go down. She was rarely weak minded and usually had goals and a plan of action. She was willing to adapt to her situation and even when everything was against her, she never let herself be a victim.
The odds were NEVER in her favor and yet she became the Mockinjay.

I hope this story and the hype behind it keeps going for awhile. It helps us all remember Katniss and helps us connect. I know she is a fictional character in a book but we are all just as strong as the story we tell ourselves. In every situation.
WHEW! All this Katniss talk makes me want to go throw some sand bags or run some sprints.
Happy Hunger Games!



  1. Last night my boyfriend said to me, "You know how you're like Katniss?" and I got super-excited for whatever sweet thing was coming. He said, "You never shave unless somebody makes you." Wah-wah...

  2. This Starts Tonight, thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!! Also, for making me laugh my ass off.