Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Diva Within-finding your passion

You know who I was dressed up as, right? Tina Turner. I LOVE dressing up with a little bit of crazy thrown in. My wig was that crazy and it felt good. Amanda and I taught a Flycycle Diva ride the other night which was a cycling class for women only-AKA-diva's. We jammed to Cher, Lady Gaga, Tina, Beyonce and many more. As I am posting these pictures I realize how incredibly proud of myself I am for taking risks in my life. I can't believe I am actually teaching alongside an Instructor of Amanda's caliber. I am shocked at the love and comfort I have found within my teaching style. A year ago I was working a corporate job contemplating finally going after a fitness career. Something I was too afraid to go after for the last 12 years. Looking back, I can't imagine not doing this. It completes me in so many ways. I am sharing this because so many people are afraid to take risks, especially when it comes to a career. So many people hate their jobs and loathe Mondays, this has become the rule rather than the exception. For me, sometimes my job is what keeps me sane after a day with my crazy yet fantastic, kid. I want everyone to know they can have a job they love as long as they believe that. I say time and time again in my cycling classes, "Believe you can do it and you will." This does not just apply to the bike, my friends.

If I would have stayed in my "safe" job, I would have traded my passion for a 9 to 5 that made me feel "LESS THAN." I remember days feeling so undervalued and overlooked that I started to doubt myself. I remember waking up and dreading the work ahead of me and just going through the motions. I would get home from a long day's work and just feel my negativity. I am so grateful for the time I spent doing a job that was "just okay" because it has given me a broader perspective. My biggest point is-TRUST YOURSELF. Deep down I knew I was in the wrong place but it was buried by fear, big time. I almost ignored it. I didn't hate what I was doing but I definately didn't love it and that was very clear.

Sometimes just asking yourself the right questions can open up your eyes.

1. Do you get excited to go to work?
2. Do you feel passion for the work you are doing?
3. Does your job bring out the best in you?
4. Does it seem weird that you get paid to do your job since you love it so much?
5. Do your career goals excite you to the max?

I can honestly answer yes to all of the above. I want everyone reading this to know you can have that same feeling and let me tell you, ITS FABULOUS!

Now, how about finding your passion? I know there are alot of people who think that is a really hard thing to pinpoint. I was one of them, although I am shocked because fitness was always my favorite thing in the world.
Here are some questions to get you thinking:

1. What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?
2. What brings you joy?
3. If you could get paid a million dollars a year to have any job in the world, what would that job be. Don't hold back here.
4. Think of someone who has your dream job and pretend that is what you do everyday. Do you feel excited, tingly, have goose bumps?
5. What are you naturally really good at? (Do you ever get compliments on a talent or hobby and shrug it off? For example, I used to try to get my friends together to do workouts in the park. My little sis used to let me pretend to be her trainer when we went to the gym.)

You can really listen to your reaction and thoughts to these questions or you can ignore them completely. There is never a right or a wrong choice, but there is always a choice. The road to your dream job may not be easy but if there is passion and a decision to go for it no matter what-it will be there. That is the law of the Universe.

So.....what'll it be?
Sometimes a good workout helps me clear my head. What about you?


  1. Wow - so psyched I found your blog - I'm a SAHM who's passionate about fitness, healthy living, etc. and I'm contemplating a second (maybe it's third) career as a personal trainer/wellness coach. Love how you're fitting it all in and that you're so pleased with your choices! (I left my first "real" job years ago and have never looked back - for all those reasons you set out in your post - good going!)

  2. Love this one Casey! It's perfect!!

  3. Casey this is so great! And timely too as it is something i've been thinking a lot about recently! Keep up the great writing! :)

  4. As a parent, I counseled my children to find their passion and make a living at it. That's probably why my son tried careers like law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical technician, septic system worker, personal trainer, body builder, mail clerk, receptionist, barista, etc., all before he was 30. Now he's actually doing the one job I had always hoped he would do, and one that I know he loves, software development. The point is, some of us know right off the bat what we love to do and some people have to keep trying different occupations until we finally arrive at the one we can be most passionate about. And for some people, the passion changes as you mature and grow through your adulthood. Great blog Casey! Keep up the good work.

  5. I LOVE comments and love hearing your perspective or opinions. Sarah, good luck with your new career! I really do love the balance between fitness career and being a mom. Of corse your kid is your world and you love them dearly but it's okay to have passions in other things. I think it sets a good example, showing your kid that you have drive and ambition and FUN!!!
    Traci-your opinion is so huge to me so thank you!!!
    Janine, that makes me so happy. If you ever want to talk about it, I love that and would love to listen or help.
    Issy Cooper-For a second I didnt realize it was you, MOna and I thought -WOAH, this is like Mona's soulmate mom. haha. I read what you wrote to Chad and we both loved it. You are so sweet and the coolest mother in law ever.