Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mama Ain't Tired-Rally Time workout

Dutch and I had quite the day today. It was crazy pouring rain outside and yet we had to get out. My family has one car so if I want to use it, I have to take the bus or walk to get it from my husband's work. It is a quick ten minute walk or five minute bus ride but when its pouring cats and dogs outside, it can feel like forever. The weather has been so bad that Dutch and I have chillaxed inside for two days too many. We had to get out today, plus we had a date with some homies for library story time. We went for it. There were times of joy, times of frustration, laughs, tears (his, not mine) and fun. All in a day's work, right moms?? Needless to say I was smoked! So tired! I really wanted to workout though because I created a fun workout and wanted to finally make a video. I was in lazy mode after our adventures and I had to pull myself out of it. I did, and my video is proof! I am so glad that I did. The workout I am going to share is SUPER hard or at least it should be. Like any at home workout, you will need to create the intensity for yourself. Feel free to wear your most ghetto at home workout gear, like I did. Grab your timer and dumbbells and get your sweat on. I created my first video and I have to say, it was super fun. I watched it back and cringed a little. It's hard to watch yourself on camera and I felt like a total dork. I am posting it anyways because it's real. I also think seeing me demo the exercises will make you realize we are doing this together.

Alright peeps, here ya go:

Mama Ain't Tired-Rally Time workout

warm up your body for at least 3 mins before you start this.

Do each exercise for 1 minute. Repeat this set of exercises 3x and BAM! 39 minutes of work and you are smoked like bacon!

1. Jump knee tuck alternating with a push up
2. curtsy squat with a one dumbbell shoulder press, Right side
3. balancing airplane rows, Right leg up
4. plank with knee to opposite elbow
5. curtsy squat with a one dumbbell shoulder press, Left side
6. balancing airplane rows, Left leg up
7. sumo squat with bicep curls
8. triceps kick back alternating with a squat thrust
9. Knee in's Right
10. Knee in's Left
11. Reverse lunge with a hop up Right
12. Reverse lunge with a hop up Left
13. Mountain climbers

I was literally dying at the end of this. I am also cracking up because you can hear me telling my hubs how to film the shots I needed. I kept telling him "okay, babe, enough" because I was to my max! The thing that was keeping me going was knowing I was sharing this with all of you. If three rounds seems crazy, then do as many as you feel you need. This is your workout so you might need to change it up a bit. Maybe doing the push ups on your knees or take mini rests throughout the work. You are working to your level of hard so celebrate that and rock on. If anyone does this workout or wants to make fun of my video, I love your comments. LOVE COMMENTS!!!

Here is the link to my video, y'all. Next time I will learn how to upload it.


  1. Not bad for your first-ever video! And as a mother, I can appreciate that first part where you're kicking everyone out, for sure. I love that you can do all that sweatin' and busting ass in such a tiny space. I think people are afraid to try working out at home b/c they think they don't have space. You prove that it can. be. done! WTG.