Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Superhero At Home Metabolic Workout

I managed to kick my own butt with this workout.  The key is to make sure you move from exercise to exercise, don't take too many breaks in between.  You can catch your breath and grab water in between sets, but keep on truckin through each round.  I definitely had to talk myself into doing this because it was hard.  When I am at home, it is so much more tempting to just stop.  When you feel those thoughts creep in your head, think about your why and keep going.  I was really picturing Hawaii every time I wanted to stop.

Let me also say, form is key for any workout.  If you don't know what this means or how to do this and you want a Trainer to help whip you into shape, you email me.  This workout is meant for someone who knows form, knows their body and knows how to find that edge on their own.

Start with about a 5-7 minute dynamic warm up
I was moving and grooving through my living room. 

Core work-
Do each move for 1 minute, going through this whole set twice
plank on forearms
side plank with hip dips
other side
glute bridge, just hold your butt up and squeeze the hell out of your cheeks
plank to push up (this is plank on your forearms to plank on your hands)

circuit- 1 minute for each move, three rounds of this!!! 
1. skaters
2. pull ups ( I do have a pull up bar and was using a chair to help me, training myself to strengthen my back, getting ready to do pull ups with out help)
3. burpees (yup!  do em)
4. tricep dips
5. reverse lunge to hop (switch legs halfway through)
6. chin ups (using the chair and pull up bar)
7. jump split lunges
8. see saw plank on forearms
9. jump squats
10. glute bridge with hip raises (squeeze those cheeks!!)

After going through those 10 moves, three times, you should be SMOKED LIKE BACON!
It was funny because Dutch figured out I was into what I was doing and ignoring him.  He dumped his chips on the couch and then created his own little death trap.  I got away with the at home workout, though!  Have fun!

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  1. This workout looks great, if not tough. It's just what I need to get my fall started off the right way.