Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Superhero Goal Setting

I have a new goal that I want to share with anyone who is reading this just to make it a little more real for myself.  I am lowering my body fat by 2% in the next two months, that is the goal.  I am not changing the amount of time I spend in the gym or even the way I eat, besides adding more protein.  I am simply training differently, more effectively and letting my body get stronger, which in turn, will get me to my goal.  My family is going to Hawaii in two months and I have this vision of doing a fitness photo shoot on the beach with the body that will make me proud.  My definition of fitness photo shoot is my husband taking the pictures and Dutch throwing things into the water, doing something crazy on the sidelines.  I love my body right now and I definitely don't want to be that woman who is never satisfied.  I don't want to be trying to lose 10 lbs. until I die, how horrible that sounds.  I do want to add strength training and I mean, heavy lifting, to my life and watch my body add muscle and lose fat.  This has me all excited and I have this new found purpose to bring with me into the gym.  I feel so strong and empowered when I grab the 35lb dumbbells or do some pull ups.  My plan is to strength train 3x a week and to do a metabolic cardio workout 2x a week.  That leaves me two days to either rest, go to yoga or walk the dog.  Whatever feels right.

So here I go throughout my days, ready to take on the gym, ready to work hard, ready to change dat boday..........and Dutch gets the flu.  On Friday night my baby started puking and fevering and being so sad and uncomfortable.  As a mom, when my boy is sick like this, it takes over my entire being.  I worry for him, I am sad for him, I want to comfort him.  I pretty much have Dutch tunnel vision and don't really pay attention to anything else.  I went at least 48 hours without really sleeping because he was up every hour, crying that he hurt.  Oh this was just so sad.  Luckily I had already put in some good workouts Mon-Fri.  I really had to decide it was okay not to stick with my plan for the week, entirely.  I missed one day of strength but got in all of my cardio interval workouts.  I took my two days off in a row, rather than staggering them, and I was in mommy mode.  As a mom, I need to be ready to prioritize on a daily basis.  I am constantly learning to go with the flow and the lesson of letting go is there every day.  Being a mom is truly like being a super hero.  I feel like no one can understand, fully, until they are a mom themselves.  We are always living this dual life of fighting crime, saving lives, working our asses off-purely out of love.  At the same time, we are out in the world, living, with all of our mom thoughts going off in our heads.  Even if I just say to someone, "yes, Dutch was sick this weekend, it was hard."  Only a mom can truly understand what that means, emotionally. 

Dutch is staying home from school for one more day.  I am re-prioritizing my workouts, one more time, starting with a metabolic cardio workout that I can all do in my living room.  I am going to do this in about an hour so I will post the workout and pics later this afternoon.  Working out at home takes way more mojo for me.  I am going to power through it, hard core-superhero mom style.

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