Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time Challenges and Pyramids make mommy happy

I have not done an at home workout for awhile since I have been either jogging or getting in to classes at Fly. I realized very soon after I was home with Dutch that the at home workouts with him are what I prefer to be an exception than the rule. I never know if Dutch will be on board or P.O.ed when I workout at home. I also really love getting out and away from all of my responsibilities for an hour or so. I really need that most days and the days I dont get it, I feel it. Chad is really great about helping me find time and that means alot.
I am teaching tonight and for some reason I really got the urge to try the workout at home before giving it to my class. Let me start by saying the energy in a group is MUCH more powerful. I push myself harder when there is a room full of others doing the same, especially with a good Instructor pushing me. I will say, I can push myself pretty hard and this workout had me doing just that. I got my ipod going, my cell phone stop watch and BAM! The magic happened.
Dutch was not happy when I started to workout but after about 5 minutes of me trying to dodge him (he was crying and whining and grabbing my legs during warm up) he was totally on board. He was an ANGEL the entire rest of the time and I was in shock but I appreciated it. He played with Vader and his toys and was in and out of his crib. He pretty much left me alone and did his own thing. My kid rocks!!! (I will say that whenever possible so when he steps out of line, I feel good knowing he rocked at one point in time.)
It was a mix of pyramid sets which just means you start at 1 of each exercise, then go to 2 of each, then 3 and repeat all the way to 10. If you are confused, you can always message me and I am happy to explain.

warm up 5 mins

set 1
Tabata set (this means 20 seconds going all out and 10 seconds off x8 which is a total of 4 mins)
big jump squat forward and two hops back
jog in place when you are in the resting phase

set 2
10 minute challenge (meaning, do the below as many times as you can and as fast as you can with good form, for 10 mins)
30 high knees (I mean really high and tight! You can make this easy or hard by perfecting form and speed)
10 squats with a shoulder press (I used 8lbers because that is all I have at home)
10 sit ups with straight arms, going all the way up

set 3
Tabata set
This time you do mountain climbers when you are on and whatever you need to do to get through this when you are off. This tabata challenge was really hard! Even though your shoulders and core will be tired, make sure your shoulders stay right over your wrists for proper alignment.

set 4
5 minute challenge
7 bent over rows (with the trusty 8 lbers again)
7 bicep curls
7 squat thrusts (at Fly we call these burpees but if you look it up online, this move is a squat thrust)
This set is also a killer so stay focused!

set 5
This may sound complicated so again, message me if needed
Pyramid set from 1 to 10 with
jump squat and squat with shoulder press
I threw in an ab move as I was going along because my thighs were dying. I liked the recovery the abs gave me to power through so feel free to do that here.

set 6
Pyramid set from 1 to 10 with
push ups alternating with lunges.

set 7
Pyramid set from 1 to 10 with
regular crunch, then toes to the sky and crunch with your fingers reaching for the sky

set 8
Pyramid set from 1 to 10 with
body on all fours (like a baby who is crawling) extending opposite arm and opposite leg. Do this as slow as you need to but keep your legs and arms locked solid. The pyramid is on each side so R for 1, then left for 1. R for two, left for two and repeat to 10.

set 9
Pyramid set from 1 to 10 with
oblique crunch with body in one long line alternating with leg lift

I hope you all have an amazingly strong, fun, happy day filled with fitness and whatever else your kid throws at ya! I took some creepy bedroom pics along the way so you can see my workout partners and I getting our sweat on. Dutch was totally dancing in his crib, it was really cute. I almost forgot! You can teach your kid to count throughout the workout! I was counting out loud so Dutch could hear me. He was totally feelin it. I heard him throw out some numbers.
ps. if you dont want to do this workout alone, come to Fly at 5:30pm for Organized Chaos!!! Its gonna be DA BOMB!


  1. Great! Bear is the same way. Sometimes she is cool with the workout and other times she's not. Nick is not on board with me getting a gym membership or enrolling in classes because we have so much workout equipment at home, but now I have MOPS, so I get some me time once a week. It's lovely. After I recover from all this dental work, I am going to try getting up early in the morning for my workouts so I don't have to worry about whether Bear will let me or not. lol

  2. Thanks for reading Katie and sharing your workout story!!! You really dont need a gym although it can make things easier. I am in the same boat, we cant add that cost to our lives right now. You have to get creative and have fun. You are lucky to have so much equipment at home because you can fit it in and not have to waste time leaving the house (although that is awesome, isnt it??) You are doing amazing, keep goin, sister!