Saturday, January 26, 2013

Look for the Signs

My world has been spinning for the last few weeks.  I am leaving the gym where I have taught for the last two years.  Once again, I am challenging myself to get a little bit scared and take a leap.  I am someone who listens to her heart and I am still learning how to listen to my instincts.  I hear them, it is just about learning to REALLY listen.  Not just hearing the "I could's" or "that would work."  I am learning to find fierce confidence in the "I want THAT.  BOOM.  There it is without a doubt."
Any time I have ever taken a leap of faith to follow my true passion it has worked out.  Not to say there have not been hiccups or speed bumps but I truly believe it is not my job to know how everything will work out.  It is my job just to know what I want and to believe that I will find it.
The more I do this in my life the more I let the Universe surprise me and the more power and confidence I uncover.
The other day was my last session with one of my favorite clients, a young girl named, Sophie.  She is 11 years old and a total bad ass.  She is also the sweetest thing in the world and she came to our last session with a huge smile on her face.  I have seen this girl grow into herself in such a beautiful way.  Personal Training is not just about showing someone how their body can physically change, but really helping someone to look at their way of thinking about themselves.  This girl has done the work to really embrace who she is and to love it.  I want more of that in my career and I want to learn how to help people change their lives.   
There are so many signs in this world that help me in this life.  Sophie brought one of those signs without even knowing it.  She came to our session with a huge bouquet of daffodils, the sweetest card I have ever read and a confidence about her that made me so proud.
Once I saw the daffodils, I instantly started to tear up, they took my breath away.  Daffodils have always been a symbol for me and they represent my mom.  She passed away when I was very young and they are the flower that reminds me of her.  They were in our yard as a kid, they were all over her funeral announcement, she wrote a poem about them.........they are her.  When Sophie brought those flowers I could hear my mother whispering in my ear, "I am proud of you.  You are making the best choices that you can.  I love you, don't be afraid."  I really did hear all that in my heart when I saw those flowers! 
Although at times, I can get stuck in fear or doubt or realize I have messed up along the way, I am so excited and confident that I never stop learning and growing and BELIEVING.  I can see what I want, I believe in it and I deserve it.  I am looking for the signs.  This goes for EVERYONE, not just me.  I have wasted so much time worrying over things that are out of my control.  It's funny how little things like daffodils can help me step back into the love.  When I am in a place of love and kindness, I can't get it wrong.  It's just science.  Live love, be love and send out love and that is where you will live.  In love. 


The flowers are sitting on my dining table

My favorite part of this card is at the very end where she says she knows she can do this without me.  I am so inspired to become an even stronger Personal Trainer.

Let the games begin, starting with a vision board.


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