Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don't Forget About Fit Mama 8pm workout

Ay vey.  The past few days have really gotten me.  Life has just been a bit rough and I feel it in my body.  A heaviness, a stress heaviness.  Today was no exception and my workout kept slipping further and further away from me.  When my body feels stress I need to get my sweat on.  Like, BAD.  I am almost like a caged beast and someone bess let mama out of her cage before she go crazy.  Working out just re calibrates all of me. 

Dutch and I had ALOT of fun today.  We had fun from 7am until 8pm, with a nice 2 hour nap in the middle.  The BEST part of the day was from 4-6pm.  Dutch, Vader (Dutch calls him VER-its so cute) and I headed for this park by our apartment.  We ended up finding the RADDEST walking trail in the trees behind the park and all three of us went on a lil hike.  I just absolutely love being in the trees.  I really do think Dutch is athletically advanced.  What 2 year old can hike?  Seriously.  He was grabbing handfuls of mud and throwing it into nothing.  He was using sticks as imaginary swords and fighting battles with someone only he could see.  It was that juicy part of my day where I just felt like I was a cool mom.  Grabbing mud chunks has to balance the chakra's, right?

Today was long and all of a sudden it was 8pm and I had not worked out.  I WAS SO TIRED.  I really didn't think I had anything in me to give to a workout.  I debated just taking a shower and getting in bed to read.  Then I quickly thought how much better that would feel after I worked out.  I decided to just go upstairs with my ipod, leave the boys downstairs, and just see what happened.  If I can get myself to start a workout, I usually find my groove quickly and get into it.  I definitely got a good sweat, my breathe was challenged, my body was working.  I feel really good about it because I was up there for at least 40mins when I planned to only do about 20.  I wouldn't say I felt FABULOUS in my body during the workout but I did release allot of stress and burned allot of cals.  I just mean, I wasn't my normal self and I could feel it but after a long day, just getting that in felt like an accomplishment.

So, here is the Don't Forget About Mama, 8pm workout
jump squat tabata
push ups 20 (on your toes!)
squat thrusts 20
tricep dips 20
high knees 40 (count each knee)
sumo squat with bicep curl 20 (I had 8lbs. in each hand)
weighted squats 40 (I had an 8lb. dumbbell in each hand. using proper form, go as quickly as you can)
Reverse lunge with knee tuck 20 each side (reverse lunge then just bring that same knee into the chest, no plyo here, just move quickly with good form.  tight tummy to get the extra core blast)
one leg balancing row 10 each leg
mountain climbers 40 (count each knee in)
pull ups (if you dont have a pull up bar, just do a row) 20
crunches 40
plank/downward dog tabata  (hold plank when you are 20 secs on, move into down dog in your 10 secs off)
do that whole first round again  (the 13 moves)
core tabata (each 20 secs choose a new core exercise, don't forget the low  back)
definition of tabata-20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 cycles).


  1. You are amazing Casey! Some days I need sleep and relaxing to de-stress, and some days, the only thing that helps is a sweat. No matter the time of day! Go inspirational mamma :)

  2. Some days I need sleep and relaxing too. Definately depends on the day. I was in a state of "I want to workout, but I dont know if I have any mojo." if I really feel like, "I have no desire to workout" and maybe internally I am being too hard on myself thinking, "you should workout, lazy ass!" then I know I need to shut the mean voice up and enjoy some sleep. I do want to clarify because I dont want anyone to become exercise obsessed. I have a guideline in my mom head that I need to work hard atleast 5 days a week. Rest can be vital but in this case, I knew I made a good choice because I felt better afterward. I bet if I started the workout and still needed sleep I would have stopped and thrown in the towel because it was not fun. Nothing wrong with that and we all NEED to listen to our bodies. Thanks for reading, Sarah! Love you, girl.