Friday, April 24, 2015

the good life

I found my good ole blog today.  I don't know what made me look for it.  I really don't but I was shocked when I found myself thinking, "I like this girl.  This mom who wrote this blog.  She is cool.  I like what she is saying." Most of the time I feel like a maniac mom person.   I feel like fitness and writing are two things that make me feel grounded.  Probably because they are what I am passionate about-- but that is what happens.  I could be a raving, mad, lunatic all day and then I am in the gym feeling like I GOT THIS.  Or writing my thoughts and they seem SO SIMPLE.  I have thought about writing many times but have felt confused about where to start.  The last year has been crazy.  Literally. 

So, it started with our move to Hawaii.  Those that know me have heard it a million times by now.......We boarded a plane, a few suitcases and our dog and away we went. 

I honestly thought by this point I would have my own rockin Personal Training business.  I would be successful, have a million clients, I would tear it up.  I would successfully sell Advocare to everyone on the island and watch them transform into healthy, workout machines.   I would write a wonderful fitness blog and continue my website.  Possibly expand to online coaching.  I mean, really.  Nothing would stop me.   I would help so many people, I would blast off in my Training career.  Um.......that did not happen.  Not at all.  I don't blame myself for dreaming.  I loved it.  I loved the unknown of what would happen when we got here.  I was excited to not have a plan.  As Chad and I kept saying to ourselves, "we are adventuring."

How do I even describe what happened when we got here?
I don't know but I will try.

We ran out of money in about two months.
We couldn't find jobs to save our lives.
We realized we could not live with Chad's parents (Love you guys!!!!)
We were scared shitless.

And that is when everything changed.
I don't blame the fear.  It is natural to be afraid when the shit hits the fan.  It was part of the adventure that we just didn't know about ahead of time.

What we quickly realized is that this adventure was not going to be smooth sailing.  I  realized why my family was worried about me moving to an island.  Everything they said was true.  It was hard as hell to find jobs.  It is expensive here.  We were crazy.  yes. yes. and yes.  But what I love is that was all part of it.  Now that we are doing a helluva lot better I realize we needed that.  This island has given us everything we need from the start.  The first lesson being:  YOU DON'T NEED ALL THAT SHIT.  Even though we came here with nothing, really.  We still needed that lesson.  second lesson, YOU GOTTA GET WAY OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  Not just out of it a bit.  GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT ZONE.  third was really learning to be GRATEFUL.  I don't mean to share these lessons like, we are so enlightened now because of the lessons we have learned.    Hell no.  We still work on the learning everyday.  I am just sitting here, looking around at our small studio that we live in with the three of us and our 90lb, hairy ass dog, thinking.  THANK YOU GOD.  WE ARE SO LUCKY. 

In that last year I have been so proud of my family.  We never gave up.  We eventually came up with Hawaiian Plan B and feel amazing.  Chad is going to school for his BS in Computer Science.  He is getting straight A's for the most part and I am so incredibly in awe of his passion for software development.  Because we are here, he gets to pursue his dream.  Somehow, he got into the U of H and was able to get student loans.  This has been the new goal of the family.  To support Chad in this amazing education that will soon really help our family. Not to mention he loves it like I love fitness.  Dutch was able to get a scholarship to an amazing pre-school.  Things that like that just started coming out of no where.  We have the most amazing family ever (the same people we could not live with) who did everything they could to help us get on our feet.
We met the most incredible, giving, people.  I look around at our situation just thinking, there is no way any of this could have been the wrong choice.  Although it has not gone as planned AT ALL, it is beautiful.  These people are meant to be in our lives.  They are meant to teach us things and share things.  This island is magical and lovely and warm.

My fitness career is one of the things that has surprised me the most.  It has gone through some transitions.  I started teaching and training full time at an amazing gym in Hilo, Penn Fitness.  That gym and the people in it are A WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL special to me.  After a few months of working there full time I realized it was not going to support us enough.  There is not really a fitness industry in Hilo.  Not what I was used to.  The stress that I was feeling trying to make enough money to survive was killing me.  I had to leave the gym.  We were still in our tough times.  "Not sure how to get food on the table" sort of times.  The Universe, the island, truly gave me a huge gift, which is working at Altres staffing.  I would not have asked for a desk job.  No I would not.  BUT, if I have to have one, this is a pretty amazing one.  And, it is in Hawaii which makes it awesome in itself.  The girls I work with are incredible human beings.  My family is so much more comfortable, we are able to enjoy so much more.  I am still involved with the gym and have one client who is a whole nutha blog in itself because she is so mind blowing-awesome.

Did I mention Dutch is so happy here?  He has no clue we have even struggled.  He thinks we have a big ole slumber party every night.   Kids are magical. 

So there it is. 
I see comments on facebook when I post pictures of us at the beach like, "Hawaii looks good on you guys."   I think someone said "The good life."  something like that.  Yes, it is.  It's an amazing life.  It is not just what you see in the pictures but when we find the happiness, the good stuff, we take pictures.  We document that shiz.  So thank you for that.  I always realize we do live a pretty damn good life when I see those comments. 

My goal now is to really find peace with myself.  To just stop trying to plan the future.  I want to be here in this island life for now.  I want to enjoy the hell out of it and work on my spirit.  Learn to be quiet more, learn to enjoy life.  Really learn what being happy is to me. 

I do want to write more often.  I want to share what the island has taught me about my body and my fitness mentality. 

I will. 

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