Friday, February 3, 2017

How I look at women

I really feel like I am cracking my thoughts wide open in regards to health.
I am starting from the inside out for the first time, although I have been preaching it for years.
I know I am doing this different now because I am looking at myself and other women completely differently.  All women and all shapes are beautiful and none of my business at the same time.  
As I am uncovering all of my own judgements of others, I am stopping the judgement of myself.  They say that is true, don't they?  Any judgement of others is really juding yourself.  I never really thought that was for real.  I am seeing it stare me in the face right now.
If I am being completely honest, I think I felt like I needed a perfect body to be good enough to even just breathe.  To talk to my friends.  To go out to dinner.  To wear that outfit.  I need a better body.  A body that worked hard, kicked ass, fought her way to that perfect moment.
I dont want all of the fighting anymore.  I am confused about what I want from my body.  I would be lying if I didnt still hold some expectations of myself.  I am not mad about that.  I am just aware.  Beautiful awaremess.  The first step in figuring shit out.
Back to my new outlook that is really wierding me out.
I used to think only really fit women were beautiful.  What the fuck was I thinking?!

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